The Orbs is the pseudonym given to the mysterious orbs that float above the abandoned McDonalds.


The Orbs have been above the McDonalds for as long as the oldest resident, the Old Lady , can remember. They can be seen every night at exactly 11:42PM. They cannot be seen from outside of Arkan beyond the Snow Wall but some people are sometimes able to see a gentle glow in the distance and then have psychic powers for the next 3 weeks.

Every 3 weeks, when the Orbs align, all of Arkan goes pitch black with the only light coming from the Orbs. This is known as the Night of the Beavers' Hunt. On this night the Heirarchy of the Hooded Beavers take any still living sacrifices out of the Social Well and turn them into Hooded Beavers. This is why there are so many beavers in Arkan and why the outnumber the humans by so much.


The Orbs is a names given to them so their true name may never be needed to be said. Everyone in Arkan knows the true name of the Orbs but no-one speaks it. The only known person to have spoken it is Citizen 10 who was went missing and never seen or heard from again. The next day It could be seen lurking at the town borders but never entering which implies that Citizen 10 died that day but not in Arkan and so It was confused.