The Dog Park is the one and only park in Arkan, home to the mysterious Hooded Beaver clan. Dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park, nor are their human companions. 

Due to some construction difficulties and minor explosions, all citizens must use the detour by the dog park to get to the beavers until the situation about potholes is resolved.

Some Other Facts About the Dog ParkEdit

  • The Dog Park is assumed to also be the park in which there is a duck pond, but no one can be certain. This duck pond is usually empty, for there are only a few ducks (there are less ducks than humans!), but on the off chance that you do find one, it will be dressed in a three-piece suit. These fancy ducks spend their time checking their watches, as they believe themselves to be lawyers.
  • The Dog Park is also home to the Gigantic Hooded-Beaver Matriarch (or rather Gigantic Hooded-Beaver Beast). She is the leader of the Hooded Beavers.
  • If anyone in Arkan were to have a baby, that baby would be taken to the Dog Park. If the Hooded Beavers accept the baby, it stays in Arkan. If not, it is taken to Darkan.

The Hooded BeaversEdit

No one knows much about the Hooded Beavers, other than that they outnumber the human residents in the town. It is suggested that you stay away from these beavers, as they will eat your right leg off (but only your right leg) or worse, banish you to Darkan. They prefer to hunt with crossbows when hunting now. Citizens are asked to stay alert.

The Heirarchy of the Hooded Beavers can grant enlightenment upon the humans with which they reside. The only known member of Arkan to gain this true enlightenment is Brian. Sadly, you cannot ask him about it since he had an accident involving the Social Well.