Hooded Beaver

a Hooded Beaver

The Beavers, which outnumber the humans, are the most productive members of society in Arkan. Like the people, the Beavers never leave.

Arkan Beavers: A HistoryEdit

The beavers are believed to be the first habitants of Arkan. When the humans arrived, the beavers chose 9 residents that they believed would not disturb them and would worship them. Everyone else was taken to the Darken. No one knows what happened when they where taken to the Darken.

The Hooded BeaversEdit

The Hooded Beavers, or uncommonly known as the Council of Beavers, are a group that reside withing the Dog Park . They see themselves as higher than the other residents of Arkan. They do not trust Tiny Cooper , the mayor. They only trust Brian and Isabella , the town hall secretary. She is believed to work for the Hooded beavers and is rumoured to control Mayor Cooper.

The Hooded beavers Live in Arkan's Dog Park. If any one in Arkan has a baby, the baby must be taken to the dog park and must be accepted by the Council of Beavers. If it is accepted, the child may continue to live in the town. If not, They are taken to the Darkan. No one knows what happens to them after this.

Hierarchy of the Hooded BeaversEdit

The Hierarchy of the Hooded Beavers is a higher order within the Hooded Beavers. They are very secretive and never speak to anyone outside of the Order, except to give orders and grant Enlightenment. If someone is deemed worthy by the Order they are granted the status of Enlightenment, which exempts them from Contemplation day and allows them to see the true town color. Only one person in living history has been known to be Enlightened and that is Brian and this is speculated to be the reason he is seen in the Dog Park and appears to be feared by the Hooded Beavers because he is a higher power then them. Since Brian the Order has shown no interest in any other people for potential Enlightenment.

Beavers BehaviorEdit

If you are a citizen of the Town and if you dare get near the Beavers, they will bite your right leg off. And nothing else.

If you are a member of the Darkan, or and enemy of the Beavers (a.k.a. the Eniminies), they will proceed to eat your right arm, left arm, and left foot. And nothing else.

Chuck Norris and the BeaversEdit

Once Chuck Norris was on his way to Toronto and passed through Arkan. He went missing and turned up outside his house 3 weeks later with a black eye, three broken fingers, and a strange fear of beavers.