The Arkan School for the Education of Those Who Wish to Learn (ASETWWL), is proud to offer a quality education to anyone willing student from pre-kindergarten to post graduate (assuming you wish to do your post graduate work in Myrmecology, Gynecology, or Pre-Columbian history). 




No one really knows who runs the school. The School board has not ever offically met as there have never been enough people in town to make the required ammount of members. However new notices for classes and events regularly appear posted to the front doors of the building. This is rumored to have something to do with the large number of blue and gray ravens that fly to and from the school's bell tower but you usually can't see because they look sort of like the sky.

At current the teaching staff of the school is in flux and there is little evidence to suggest that has ever not been so. Frequent teachers include New York Time Best Selling Author John Green who covers topics such as World History and Engish Literature, and Nerd Rock Rock Star Hank Green who teaches the Sciences.

ASETWWL HousesEdit

The Arkan School for the Education of Those Who Wish to Learn like many schools has 4 houses, (they also have a secret 5th house that only 1 person every 100 years or so gets in to.) They are named for the four point on the compass though this does not seem to have any barring on who is in which house. You recieve your house assigment with your acceptance letter.

North - those who are put in this house tend to do well with athletic and artistic endevors. They seem over all to be better with there hands at crafting, or playing things. Colors: Pale blue and white, Mascot: A blue and gray Raven

South - those who are put into this house tend to excell with wrote memoizaion being the type with a head for facts and numbers and trivia. Colors: Black and green, Mascot: An Arkonian Cat-Rat

East - those who are put into this house are the more philosphical type thinking abstactly more often than concretly and enjoy big questions with no real answer. Colors: Orange and purple, Mascot: A Koi (usually drawn like the ones from the moon viewing pond)

West - Those who are put into this house are usually the highly organized and those with a natural tallent for leadership. Colors: Red and brown, Mascot: A spider

Up - No one knows why you get put into this house there have only been three people in it, ever. Colors: Pink and Maroon, Mascot: A cloud

ASETWWL does of course respect Hogwarts houses as well as the town gets many cross over students.

To Attending ASETWWLEdit

Young Arkvarks must teach themselves how to read and use a computer in order to attend ASETWWL. They must also write 1 fan-fiction for their entrance exam to move to the middle school level curriculum.

To Leave ASETWWLEdit

To leave ASETWWL, and as a right of passage, in addition to completing standard corse work, one must read at least one John Green book. The options are Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherine's, Paper Towns, and The Fault in Our Stars. One may also read both co-authored books by John Green. These being, Let it Snow, and Will Greyson, Will Greyson. If they don't, one will be cast off as a Darkan and must live the rest of their days serving the Hooded Beaver.

Community InvolvmentEdit

ASETWWL is heavily involved with the community and will frequently use it grounds to host events.

Previously held events include:

  • Child safty classes
  • Four sting quartet concert playing the music from Harry Potter
  • Dragon Hutch building tutorial
  • Doctor Who Themed art exhibt
  • Moon Viewing Tea Parties
  • And guest speakers