Tiny Cooper is the Mayor of Arkan. Despite his role as mayor he does not actually live in Arkan but rather stays in another nearby town.


Not much is known about the roles that Mayor Cooper does. It is assumed that he does basic mayor tasks such as the official opening of the Dog Park and offering tributes to the Hooded Beavers . He does make sure that power and water supply is maintained in Arkan because he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy's aunt who lost a hand of poker. They had bet as to whether Arkan would have power and water or not.

Mayor cooper is also known for a famous sauce he made. He named it Arkan Sauce. It was so delicious that they named a state in the U.S. after it. However, since the name Arkan Sauce was copyrighted, they named the state Arkansas

Isabella rumoursEdit

It is rumoured that he is being controlled by Isabella. There is some strong evidence to suggest this although Isabella would never admit to it.