The broken IHOP sign

IHOP is one of the few restaurants in Arkan. It has the distinction of being the only IHOP in the world which refuses to sell pancakes.


Arkan's IHOP has only one human employee, Brian . He works as the manager, cook, and waiter all in one.Many Cat-Rats , however, do assist in making waffles. Making waffles is actually a cat-rats true calling. They have not learned to make pancakes, which is why there never are any.

The signEdit

The town's IHOP sign has been broken for years, but no one ever fixes it because they are too lazy. They would rather just call it "HO". The IHOP sign is also never turned off. Ever.

The broken IHOP sign also used to lure the cat-rats in to assist in making waffles.

Other Notable FactsEdit

There is a  teleporter located inside the IHOP basement. David Tennant and Martin Freeman used it io escape after the laser pointer incident.

Arkan’s famous wi-fi tumbleweeds enjoy gathering in the local IHOP where Brian refuses to serve them any pancakes.