It is a creature of unknown origins that comes to Arkan 2 hours after an Arkvark dies. Very little is known of It besides that It is male and he has yellow teeth.



When a resident of Arkan dies their body must be disposed of within 2 hours. 

After 2 hours It comes to Arkan for the body. If It asks for directions you must point it in the direction

of the Lawyer Ducks. It is not fond of ducks or lawyers. It is unknown what It wishes to do with the bodies of the decessed.


It has visited Arkan multiple times although only 1, for the death of Citizen 11, is for someone who is known.

He was also seen lurking at the town borders after the disappearance of Citizen 10 but never actualy entered Arkan. This implies that Citizen 10 died but not in the town, which confused It. However, this is not confirmed.

Only on one occation has someone ever spoken to It besides giving it directions. As legend goes, when It asked Stella for directions she scolded him on his teeth because they are yellow. Because It is very self-conscious, he left imediately without persuing his search for the body any further.