Isabella is the secretary working in townhall. Every summer solstice, she will have her sister, alledgedly named Allebasi, come to town. Allebasi's hair is always flaming, and according to her sister, she seems to look different. It is a rumor that Isabella captures people stuck in the snow wall of Arkan, sets their hair on fire, and claims them as her sister before throwing them into the Social Well .

Town HallEdit

Isabella works in town hall. She is responsible for working and maintaining the magical train that is one of the few ways into Arkan. She also does the day to day duties that include banking and paperwork.

Isabella also produces the people for sacrifices to the Social Well, although how she gets them is unknown.

Mayor CooperEdit

There are rumours that are very strongly supported by eveidence that suggest Isabella controls Mayor Tiny Cooper . Although there is evidence to support this she would never admit it. She cannot be detained for questioning or fired from her job because both of these require the consent of Mayor Cooper who mysteriously refuses to do so every time he is asked to no matter what evidence is produced.