Brian is a member of the Arkan community. He is the only known Arkvark that the the Hooded Beavers in the Dog Park never attack. It is believed that this is because he is the most recent, and at the moment only, citizen to be given Enlightenment by the Hierarchy of the Hooded Beavers.

Special achevementsEdit

As stated above, he has recieved true Enlightenment from the Hierarchy of the Hooded Beavers. This lets him not participate in contemplation day ever again, if he so chooses. he can also see the town's color, and can peer into the social well without any fear that one of the many wifi tumbleweed's would push him in.

He worked at the local IHOP. This made him one of the only two chefs in Arkan, the other being Stella. At the IHOP he often seed congregations of Wi-Fi tumbleweeds, to which he refuses to give any pancakes. That's not to say he discriminates against tumbleweeds, no one eats pancakes at this IHOP as the workers, the cat-rats, do not know how to make pancakes.

Legend says he once tried to tie a long string to his bowl to try and discover where it goes when it's not meal time. He followed the string down into the social well and found not his bowl, but his string and the rope ladder that he used to climb down the well with. He is still there at the time of typing this. Though, there is talk of a sacrifice to be sent down to rescue him soon.

Relationship with the BeaversEdit

It is unknown what it is he did to be granted Enlightenment by the Heirarchy of the Hooded Beavers. All that is known is that since being given the status of Enlightened he is often seen sitting in the Dog Park. He is never attacked by the Hooded Beavers and they even seem to fear him because of his status. He does however avoid a member of the Order should one come out. It is said that after his Ritual of Enlightenment he accidentally punched a Hooded Beaver in the face.