Arkvarks are the residents that reside in Arkan. They are known to  be able to understand every human language, possibly non-human dialects as well. They are also renowned for being ungodly good at tongue twisters. All Arkvarks are able to do magic. When the cast spells or incantations their hands are enveloped in teal flames and their eyes glow the same color (it should be noted however that the teal color is not the true color but a stand in color for the true color of Arkan which is too complex for people who are not Enlightened to see)


All the currently known residentsEdit


-Sabrina's family




-Jane Doe & John Smith

-Oliver "the Immune"

-Two Children

-The Old Lady (Has no permanent residence. anywhere.)

-Frankie Fredrick (the local news anchor)

-Siobhan (although an Arkvark, she always seems to miss the annual census, so is not counted in the nine.)

-Tiny Cooper (does not live IN the town, but is the mayor so should be on this list despite not being a resident)

-Santa Claus (though no other residents know he is there)

-John and Hank Green (honorary)

-Johnny Depp (no longer a resident)

-Cecil Baldwin (not a perminent resident)

-Triangle (was banished to Darken after refusing to participate Contemplation. No one has seen him since.)

-Mysterious Ingrid

-Anyone on the internet that wishes not to tell their location

Frequent visitorsEdit

-Benedict Cumberbatch

-David Tennant (until the laser pointer incident)

-Martin Freeman (until the laser pointer incident)

-A young red headed woman asking for "The Doctor"

-Lola (an immigrant being sacrificed down the Social Well on Thursday)


There are 2 known residents of Arkan to have died. The first, Citizen 10, is not confirmed to be dead but it is speculated. He was seen to have said the name of the Orbs above the McDonalds and was never seen again.

The second was Citizen 11 who died in surgery without anesthesia, presumable from excruciating pain.

The names of both citizens are unknown.

Unknown statusEdit


-hen3ry (the 3 is silent)


Non human residentsEdit

-the Gigantic Hooded-Beaver Matriarch (aka the Giant Hooded-Beaver Beast)

-the Hooded Beavers (from the Dog Park )

-the Ark Cat

-the Cat-Rats

-the many pets everyone owns