The Arkonian Cat-Rat [Arkonius Felis-Rattus] is a nocturnal species of mammal that is unique to Arkan and the surrounding area. It commanly features on versions of the Arkan flag weaing a party hat and also on the Arkan Coat of Arms.


The Cat-Rats are nocturnal creatures and live underground in and around Arkan. They prefer to live near the trees but some have adapted to live in the desert thart surrounds Arkan. It is one of the two mascots for Arkan and the Aardvark is the other.


The Cat-Rats work in the IHOP making waffles, which is their true calling. The IHOP sign that is always on attracts then so that they can fulfil this calling. The lack of pancakes at the IHOP is because they have yet to learn how to make them.

The Cat-Rat also cleans the town when it rains the heavenly mixture of maple syrup and ice cream that falls on the town on the winter solstice. When they eat it the entire species gather in front of townhall and sing the National Anthem.

The Cat-Rat is the main part of the cleansing ritual that takes place once a century. A single Cat-Rat is released in the city during the day while everyone else leaves so that it can drive out all of the evil spirits that have gathered in Arkan over the century.