The original concept for the Arkan flag

The Arkan flag is the flag of Arkan. It is differnet to every Arkvark although there are some things that are always the same, such as always being oblong shaped and  feature some form of animal in or just off the center.


There is no specific color scheme for the Arkan flag. There are, however, colors that are frequently used (red, green and blue) which have meanings behind their use. Red represents the blood which flows through Arkvarks veins keeping them strong Arkvarks. Green represents the earth which is worked to produce food. Blue represents the water without which we would surely perish.

Although these colors are alll common on flags they do not all have to appear. A flag commonly has all three colors but can have only one of those colors, two, three or none at all and have a completely different color scheme.


Traditionally the flag of Arkan has an animal in or just off of the center. The common animals for this are Aardvarks and the Arkonian Cat-Rat, which is often depicted wearing a party hat. Normally the animal is just shown as a profile or portrait but can be depicted performing an action, such as an Aardvark defeating a rabid beaver in battle with it's fire paws.