Welcome to the Arkan; a real town WikiEdit

Arkan is a small town situated in the Ontario Province of Canada. With a minuscule population of just nine, it remains to this day one of the smallest registered populations in the entire world. Arkan is so small in fact that even the mayor, Tiny Cooper , does not reside in the town. It has one street; the main street which holds 9 residential houses (that most residents reside in), one town hall, a McDonalds that has been empty for years, an IHOP, a library and some shops which all seem to be run by the same old lady that runs the Library.

Due to it's exteremly small population and it's lack of presence on Google and most normal maps, Arkan is commonly used as a fake location for people to give when they are asked where they live on the internet, such as John Doe or Joe Bloggs are names used when one does not want to disclose their name. The most notable use of Arkan in this context is by 15 year old YouTuber NerdyandQuirky who did not want to answer a question on Tumblr of where she lived.

Arkan HistoryEdit

Arkan was originally a part of Heaven but God banished it because it was too perfect and made Him look bad. It is believed that the town was originally discovered by the Nortic tribe; The Arkonians, which is where the name of the town originally came from. 

Latest activityEdit

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